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July/August 2023 - Graph database @ Digitalisation and Automation in Chemistry
I am thrilled and honored to announce that I will be a featured speaker at this year's "Digitalisation and Automation in Chemistry" seminar, specifically focusing on graph databases.
Graph databases have revolutionized the way we store, analyze, and visualize complex relationships within data, providing a powerful tool for unlocking hidden patterns and driving innovation.

During my session, I will delve into the incredible potential of graph databases in accelerating research, optimizing processes, and enhancing decision-making in the chemical industry.
Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 07.46.34.png
February/March 2023 - new enhanced analytic financial dashboard in development
After the last successful implementation of our first interactive dashboard based on Neo4j and NeoDash, the idea for the next dashboard was near. We will add the following:
  • enriching the database with data from the new technical indicators API provided by (adding RSI, EMA, SMA, MACD)
  • adding advanced analytics and improved visualizations like normalized linecharts to find patterns, signals and trends 
  • expanding the data scope from 20 to 15000 stocks from Nasdaq and OTC markets
  • creation of an intuitive dashboard that enables to view all data from different angles and support investment decisions and strategies
draft as of 25.02.2023
Dashboard Builder
January 2023 - Timelapse of the Portfolio Dashboard Gain / Loss performance in US$
It's a challenge day!

Let's prove that it is possible to develop a cloud based near- realtime analytic dashboard within 1 day!   

The solution is powered by Neo4j and NeoDash.

The work is documented here.
25th November 2022 - Building a finance dashboard in 1 day with Neo4j and NeoDash
It started few months ago as an idea that turned into a vision.

I asked myself :"Would it be possible to create a sophisticated financial dashboard application that is hosted 100% in the cloud featuring advanced analytical functions and is flexible and can be build without heavy coding?".......the answer is Yes!

The application is completely build and powered by Neo4j. The graph database holds the connected data in the cloud. "Neodash" a customisable dashboard solution from Neo4j builds the user interface. Et voilà.

Feeding daily exceeding now more than 2'000'000 nodes holding over 40'000'000 financial attributes. 
the data source
All financial related data is loaded from miscellaneous data providers in near realtime. 
the database
A powerful Neo4j database instance in the cloud builds the backbone of the application.
AURA DS provides a build-in Data Science library for advanced analytics within the database.
the flexible web interface
The dashboard for the financial application is build with NeoDash.

New data feeds and new visualisations are done in Minutes.
No coding required. Finally :-)

For data exploration Neo4j provides  Neo4j Bloom.
October 2022 - Finance Dashboard solution build with Neo4j in the cloud
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