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10.09.2023  - Loading PubChem Data into a local Neo4j graph database
You find the step-by-step guide here -> pubchem
The work is still in progress and enhanced every week.....
03.09.2023 - Thank you
I would like to thank FNHW for the opportunity to give a talk on graph databases as part of the Summer School Life Science.

As promised, I will shed further light on the area of Cypher and list more links to make it easier to work with. As discussed in the presentation, I will also introduce Pubchem's data access with a code example.
03.09.2023  - Cypher
The following links will help you to familiarise yourself with this forward-looking language. They show you the many possibilities with the help of simple examples.
  • Neo4j : Getting started / Query a Neo4j database
  • Neo4j Docs : Introduction Tutorial
  • Neo4j : Cypher cheat sheet
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