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Covid-19 analysis
 last update - 27 April 2021
Hello. I am George. This page contains my thesis focusing on the analysis of the impact of the Corona pandemic on social topics. This site will be updated daily until the deadline 15 May 2021.
The update will remain on a monthly basis.
Today it's Eastern, 2nd of April 2021. One year ago the world was surprised by the outbreak of the Corona virus. Unfortunately in todays news there are still messages ranging from "new death records" in Brazil, new lockdowns in Europe, discovery of new virus mutants and insecurity about new diseases. 
The goal of this work is to find correlations between different datasets and to visualise the impact and trends on the following topics:
- Admissions to psychiatric hospital, suicide an death rates - no no data available !
- Trigger to other diseases, Long Covid, Diabetes - no data available !
- Multisystemic Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MSIC)  - no data available !
- Emergency usage of ECMO (extrakorporale Membranoxygenierung) no data available !
- Hotel industry: Arrivals and overnight stays of open establishments by year, month,
  tourism region and guest origin country -
data available till 02.2021
- Virus Variants - Searching for Data Source .....ongoing
The analysis will be done with R  and R Studio.
Additionally the data will be stored in a public
database using graph database technology from Neo4j.
334'981 confirmed cases
14'652 deaths
one year later 
129'215'179 confirmed cases
2'820'098 deaths
380x on confirmed cases
190x on deaths
The Source of the data
Meanwhile data around COVID is public mostly available for download at the specific website.
For COVID I will use a worldwide dataset as well as a dataset from Switzerland to ensure quality.
  •  - The COVID-19 dataset
    Offers a daily updated data Json file
Unfortunately health data of Switzerland will be published in late 2022/2023.
First sample plots of Covid-19 and thr hotel industry dataset
So the first plot shows a similar curve than the plot on the Swiss website.
The sample plot over the overnight stays filtered by guest origin "China" shows following plot.
23.02.2021 trying to get data regarding B.1.617 variant
Trying to get further data on the recent outbreak of the mutant B.1.167 (India).
In contrast the english Variant B.117 that already has reached 90%.
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