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A short guide: How to load PubChem Data into Neo4j
Welcome to this step-by-step guide, crafted exclusively for the FHNW summer school attendees!
As promised, today we will delve into the process of importing public data from into your local Neo4j database instance.
We'll harness the power of REST API and familiarize ourselves with the CSV data format to ensure a smooth data transition. 
Website redesign in progress
Dear Visitors,
We're excited to announce that our website is currently undergoing a redesign to serve you better.
Our online services will be limited during this week as we work to improve your experience.
Please check back at the end of the week to explore our newly revamped site.
We appreciate your patience and look forward to showcasing our improvements!
Best regards, George Martens
Speaker at FHNW (Digitalisation and Automation in Chemistry)
I am grateful and honored to announce that I will be a speaker at this year's "Digitalisation and Automation in Chemistry" seminar, specifically focusing on graph databases.

Graph databases have revolutionized the way we store, analyze, and visualize complex relationships within data, providing a powerful tool for unlocking hidden patterns and driving innovation.
Adding more news soon
More to come......
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